Who needs planning?

Boss walks in. Discussion about a great new feature they want adding. They saw it on their mate’s site.

Ok, no problem. Of you go into codeland. Cramming this new feature into a probably already cluttered mess of links and features nobody ever uses (you know you can track that shit yep?). The site might as well be 60 iframes going to random sites because that’s what it feels like to use.

After 40 hours on the clock, and the 100 other hours your boss never sees happening. You manage to get Frankenstein’s monster to live. You’ve made it look half decent, it’s functional, and you probably fixed 400 other bugs you found on the journey.

Well done.

But now it doesn’t look right (ever heard of rapid prototyping?), and they don’t want it on the site anymore (guess it wasn’t crucial to the business plan either). Now to fire the person that did all the research for the viability of the project! – But alas, there was no planning whatsoever. It was all in your boss’s brainfart.

Now to remove the mess. Did you keep notes on what you changed?

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