Terrible websites

At some point, an idiot picks up ‘html for dummies’, and we’re exposed to the fumbling attempts at what is best described as Jackson Pollack on LSD for the web, or if you could eat 50 radioactive lego and then vomit them right into the web.

There’s no going back now. They’ve invested the best part of 3 hours for the business front end on the web, and suffered at the hands of a few emails with the hosts support to sort ftp out. Who knew that picking up that freeserve cd was going to cause you so much pain, and it’s bringing back memories of netscape.

The 6 year old just back from creche can probably fix it, but they’re tied up googling dank memes on 4chan. It’s fine, they’ve got the paypal buttons sorted, links to every single important thing, and don’t forget to add some color (primary will do fine).

Even though these are baby steps to full blown web design, the overly possessive owners forget that babies need to grow. This baby won’t get any love for as long as the owner forgets about the domain renewal.

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