Miracles on demand

Just to be clear. We understand your pain. We know just how hard you work to pull rabbits out of your ass. We know that finding that elusive semi-colon out of place just saved the whole website. And your endless stream of creative ideas that can empower the business you work for.

Your managers don’t seem to get the value you add, with your years of experience, the catalog of disasters that you learned from, and your ability to run to stackoverflow faster than light (and before you run to stackoverflow to ask if you can run faster than light, you can’t)

Yes, you are the one Neo. The one that copies and pastes about 99% of your projects code. We’ve been watching you Neo, pilfering codepens.

Just wait until they monetize stackoverflow. You’ll be reaching for an OCR scanner and trying to get code out of ‘Website for dummies’.

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