Idiot managers

The benefit (yes there is one) of having an idiot manager who generates that warm and fuzzy feeling of furious rage quitting anxiety, is that you’ll never have to work hard another day of your life.

They are so inspiring, that you can now idly pass your time away alt-tabbing to your favorite site to waste time on, or playing *insert current mobile game here* while they are not looking.

Why should you bother to help jerks out right?

Your coding time should be spent on finding somewhere awesome to be, and not stressing over this idiots idea of how reality should work for their sub-standard dreams of world domination.

Work to rule, and if you find a bug that isn’t in your remit to fix, leave it well alone. Hopefully, the incoming poverty that washes over the idiot’s life in the future might make them humble, but don’t presume anything.

Make sure the project falls so hard on its face when you’re not there, that the idiot might actually wake up and realize their life depends on others well being (Yeah, don’t forget to take those sick days off) and possibly that you’re not just a utility to get their vision squeezed out for a paltry wage.

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