Bluehost screen of death

Where do we start with this bunch of muppets?

Well, for a beginning you probably won’t be starting much, as you’ll get enthusiastic support that will scupper your efforts to get your sites live.

If you’re looking to host anything more complicated than a simple blog, steer clear of Bluehost. Sometimes you might get lucky and get support, sometimes you might end up in a worse situation. Writing this currently on a second day of waiting for website loading times of over 30 seconds – which were caused by either something they did on the server, or the site.

The poor hired in labor on their help desks. The can fix a few things, but anything complex – steer clear.

I was sat here with one browser open with Bluehost, and one with Inmotion. Inmotion solved everything thrown at them in a timely manner (and passed on a few tricks). While Bluehost sat there while their single geek furiously churned through support tickets. I can only guess they got hungry and ate ours.


Add Siteground to the muppets cast list. These companies don’t understand customers, or customer service. Companies that offer a ‘cloak & dagger’ style of service are just going to degrade as they piss-off their clients. A quick visit to Reddit or Twitter can confirm the hatred these companies instill in their user base.

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