Back end torture

Huge, global businesses seem to pride themselves on their front end innovations for the millions of people that flock to their products.

Windows is fairly simple these days, MacOS super friendly, Google’s search couldn’t be any simpler.

But when it came to the back end, they must have searched for the evilest of idiots. A special breed indeed it must have been because there’s no humility or ‘human’ in their interface design whatsoever.

Apple’s development tools? Let’s just list everything with little or no help. Let’s make it so fucking confusing that only, and only if you read every single support forum thread on earth, you might find a cause for the random errors during your app build.

Google? All of your back end tools are near useless for anyone with less than a University education. Interface design? Just stick everything in boring pages, and help forums where there’s little help.

Microsoft? Azure? BYE.

Nerds, Geeks, Hobbyists, Small businesses all suffer at the hands of these overlords that think it’s fun to make things way too complex for us mere mortals.

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